Traditional Flutes

AΩ Traditional Simple System Flutes

We offer these flutes in two models with options on keys and style. The key of each flute is stated as the 6 finger note of the instrument. For example a D flute will play a concert D note with 6 fingers down. (Rather confusingly, orchestral flutes are called after their 7 finger note and so our D flute would be called a C flute, but we will stick to the folk world’s conventions here)

See the menu next to this page for a list of flutes available from stock. All flutes are supplied with a Flute Roll to keep the flute in, along with a pull through stick for cleaning, cork grease and some spare binding thread.

Matt Dean has provided some videos of him playing a selection of our D and F flutes. See them here at our YouTube Channel . (Open the content in a new window if it won’t display immediately on your computer)