Marching Band Flutes

AΩ Marching Band Flutes

I decided to offer this range of flutes after encouragement and support from Laurie Johnston. His view that there was a need for a range of quality band flutes in F and Bb  for marching bands inspired me in 2007 to begin the work of developing the Alpha Omega range of flutes. With additional support from Jane Watterson I added the Eb piccolo to this range .

The flutes are made from African Blackwood with up to 6 nickel silver keys and are supplied with a Flute Roll to keep the flute in. The head joints are also fitted with a screw-adjustable head cork mechanism for precise control of the head cork position.

All flutes play well up into the third register with a loud tone while maintaining a strong lower register.

All band flutes are made to order. Demonstration instruments are however always available for you to try.

Bb flute   £700

F Flute   £750

Eb Piccolo   £750

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